Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mets Prospect Countdown: No. 11-15

by John Vittas

40. OF Darrell Ceciliani
39. RHP Luis Cessa
38. RHP Cameron Griffin
37. SS Jeff McNeil
36. OF Joe Tuschak
35. 1B Matt Oberste
34. RHP Hansel Robles
33. RHP Akeel Morris
32. OF Champ Stuart
31. OF Ivan Wilson
30. RHP Rainy Lara
29. RHP Luis Mateo
28. OF Dustin Lawley
27. 3B Aderlin Rodriguez
26. OF Jared King
25. RHP Miller Diaz
24. RHP John Gant
23. 2B LJ Mazzilli
22. RHP Cory Mazzoni
21. RHP Tyler Bashlor
20. RHP Matt Bowman
19. RHP Robert Gsellman
18. OF Cory Vaughn
17. LHP Jack Leathersich
16. RHP Rob Whalen


Memorial HS (CA) - 14th Round of the 2012 Draft

Opening Day Age: 19

Projected Opening Day Assignment: Low-A Savannah

General Numbers: 8-1 record, best in the system (R-Kingsport)
Relevant Numbers: 2.09 ERA as a starter in the Minors at 18 years of age

Positives: Flexen was the Appalachian League Player of the Year at the devilishly young age of 18. He won eight of his last nine outings, giving up just 16 earned runs over 11 starts. Matching his success is his untapped potential. He’s 6-3 and already has two legitimate breaking balls to go with a 90-plus fastball. The sky is the limit for Flexen, as he and Rob Whalen could shoot up the prospect boards in 2014. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. And don’t forget that I was the first to put him in the top-15.

Negatives: Honestly, there are none.

Style: none yet

Across the John Preseason Rank: 50
ATJ Midseason Rank: Not in the Top 50
Jonathan Mayo Rank: Not Ranked
FanGraphs Top 15: Not Ranked
Baseball America Top 10: Not Ranked



Deer Creek HS (OK) - 1st Round of the 2011 Draft

Opening Day Age: 21

Projected Opening Day Assignment: High-A St. Lucie

Basic Numbers: only 33 hits allowed in 46 innings (High-A St. Lucie)
Relevant Numbers: .191 opponent average vs. righties

Positives: Fulmer continues to be effective at the A-ball level, a byproduct of his advanced three-pitch mix. He should sniff Double-A in 2014, which should be an interesting challenge for the Oklahoma native. Fulmer has a Major League makeup, and the mental toughness to overcome the adversity a young pitcher might face at the highest level. He should be a reliable, strike-throwing mid-rotation starter if it all works out.

Negatives: 2013 was mainly a waste for Fulmer, who missed more than half the season with a meniscus injury that he suffered in Spring Training. Michael is a power pitcher, but will need to vary his velocities more to get strikeouts at the upper levels.

Style: Lance Lynn

Across the John Preseason Rank: 12
ATJ Midseason Rank: 12
Jonathan Mayo Rank: 13
FanGraphs Rank: 12
Baseball America Top 10: Not Ranked


La Vega, Dominican Republic - Signed as International free agent

Opening Day Age: 20

Projected Opening Day Assignment: High-A St. Lucie

General Numbers: 16 walks in 135 innings (A-ball Savannah)
Relevant Numbers: 340 career Minor League innings with a WHIP of 1.00

Positives: One of 2013’s big risers, Ynoa continued to throw strikes and pitch deep into games. But that wasn’t all. He posted a 2.72 ERA as a 19-year-old in full season A-ball. Not many players have completed four professional seasons by the age of twenty, but Gabriel has. His best pitch is his changeup, and his command is elite. If he can get his slider or curveball to become Big League average, Ynoa will be a major prospect pretty soon.

Negatives: Ynoa isn’t considered a high-ceiling guy. With his fastball now consistently over 90 mph, he can be considered a safe middle-of-the-rotation prospect.

Motion: Jhoulys Chacin / Mike Leake
Repertoire : Dillon Gee

Across the John Preseason Rank: 29
ATJ Midseason Rank: 20
Jonathan Mayo Rank: 18
FanGraphs Top 15: Not Ranked
Baseball America Top 10: Not Ranked


Alfred Barbe HS (LA) - First Round of the 2012 Draft (12th Overall)

Opening Day Age: 20

Projected Opening Day Assignment: A-ball Savannah

General Numbers: .633 OPS (A-ball Brooklyn)
Relevant Numbers: only 8 extra base hits (all doubles) in 51 games

Positives: Gavin is still young and has the potential to be a Big League shortstop for a long time. Scouts rave about his defensive ability and leadership qualities. His bat has yet to come around, but Cecchini will fight off pitches and put the ball in play more than most.

Negatives: You start to worry when people say his biggest strengths are his “instincts” and “work ethic.” Granted, those are important for any player, especially a middle infielder, but Cecchini doesn’t have an obvious plus tool (maybe his defense). He’s a solid player, but his development has been slow thus far, and the power is still nowhere to be found. It’s too early to judge, but there might have been more high-risk, high-reward options at the number twelve spot in the draft back in 2012. I might be the first person to drop him from the Top-10.

Across the John Preseason Rank: 8
ATJ Midseason Rank: 16
Jonathan Mayo Rank: 8
FanGraphs Ranks: 9
Baseball America Rank: 9


Cartagena, Colombia - Signed as International free agent

Opening Day Age: 19

Projected Opening Day Assignment: High-A St. Lucie

General Numbers: 41 XBH in 116 games (A-ball West Virginia - PIT org.)
Relevant Numbers: .750 OPS as an 18-year old in A-ball

Positives: Herrera is already ahead of the curve, having batting .267 with speed and power as a teenager in a pitching-dominated league. Acquired late in 2013 in the Marlon Byrd trade, Herrera projects as a second baseman, despite having played shortstop for much of his professional career. Despite his small frame (5-10, 150), he has surprising power and could be a Major League starter within 2-3 years.

Negatives: He lacks overwhelming skills defensively and won’t be able to cut it at the position the Mets are lacking most, shortstop. I suppose his size is a negative, too.

Style: Howie Kendrick

Across the John Preseason Rank: Not in system
ATJ Midseason Rank: Not in system
Jonathan Mayo Rank: 9
FanGraphs Rank: 11

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