Monday, July 15, 2013

The Fun of All-Star Sunday

by John Vittas

All-Star Sunday at Citi Field was the perfect appetizer for the primetime events of the Home Run Derby and the Midsummer Classic Tuesday.
We got warmed up with some actual baseball, played by the game's top prospects,

Future MLB Stars Brandon Nimmo (Mets), Byron Buxton (Twins) and George Springer (Astros)

and then charmed by a bunch of celebrities making their athletic debuts (not to mention a few Hall of Famers mixed in).

George Lopez attempting to play softball

Overall Takeaways from Sunday:

1. Jennie Finch is beautiful

2. Rickey Henderson can probably still play in the Majors

The guy hit one to the warning track on the REAL Citi Field and tracked down several fly balls in left.

3. Kevin James is as funny in real life as he is on TV

Kevin James diving head-first into second base to help the National League win 8-5

4. The Mets have a bright future.

Noah Syndergaard throwing his first pitch on the Citi Field mound

Rafael Montero doing the same

Pitching prospects Noah Syndergaard and Rafael Montero both started the Futures Game and looked very impressive throwing their fastballs in the mid-90s.

OF prospect Brandon Nimmo was there too

Greatest moment of the day was watching my childhood hero, Mike Piazza hit one last home run in the orange and blue.

Oh yeah, and watching him hit it off with Jennie Finch

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